Ireland: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 19- Lost In Kinvara

I spent six days in the small village of Kinvara doing research for my main characters childhood homes. Kinvara is small, but I managed to get lost more than once. My Airbnb host had suggested a nice walk to do which would take me from the main street of town in a loop down past... Continue Reading →

Ireland: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 18- Kinvara

Day 18: Kinvara Kinvara (Irish: Cinn Mhara, meaning "head of the sea"), also spelled Kinvarra, is a sea port village located in the southwest of County Galway. It is located in the civil parish of Kinvarradoorus in the north of the barony of Kiltartan. Kinvara was my third stop on my trip, and I came here with... Continue Reading →

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