Call Your Grandma FREE today on Kindle!

My short story, Call Your Grandma, is FREE today on Kindle!

Call Your Grandma cover

Witnessing a tragedy causes a bystander to reflect on the events of the day, and their life, leading to this moment in time.

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Daily Writing Inspiration

For me, 2015 was all about learning how to publish my books. Then 2016 was all about learning how to promote those books. I was told I would spend more time on promotion than actually writing, but it is so important to me to stay connected to my writing first and foremost.



The Drive FREE Today!

My short story, The Drive, is free for the first time on Kindle today.
Intent on leaving her troubles behind, Tamara sets out on a journey to her remote home town in South Australia, but encounters unwelcome company out on the road.

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